I'm scared to try new things...

...BUT fuck that.
I need a new look for the new year but I don't know what to to do.
My sister tried some cherry colored hair & put black on top with it on bottom, it was cute as shit.
I want a middle part but my forehead is kind of larrrge ughhhh. 
I wanna do my hair the same way she did except I want curly/way hair..hmmm Idk
I've always had my hair jet black...I would mix some color in my bang or something sometimes but the last time I tried colored hair it was a fat ass FAIL. Can you say hoodrat?
In other news, I just got paid so I'm about to buy up some shit since i'm such a ballerrrr.
I kid, I kid,,, I'll be broke by 9pm *straight face*


  1. stumbled onto your blog and just wanted to show some blog luv! your sisters hair sounds cute! and yea i know what you mean about gettin paid and then bein broke b4 you get to enjoy the $ :-/


  2. Awww I think you should try something new but keep it kind of neutral. So it won't give you the hoodrat feel but you'll actually like it no matter what.