3 alternatives to Instagram!

 Gooooooood day Lovers!
Now, ya'll have heard of Instagram right?
Quite frankly, I like the options that Instagram has to edit photographs, but using Instagram is only limited to people with an bitch ass Iphone, Ipad, or an Ipod, thats some bullshit I swear..but here a few different websites to edit your photos to get the same result & you don't have to download shit.
The most simple of them all/sign in required.

Way more options/a little more confusing/my 2nd favorite.

Easy/my favorite of these 3

I just thought I'd post these links because when I found out I couldn't use Instagram I was kind of pissed lol I hope these help any of you guys who felt the same way I did!


  1. haha you're so right I use pixlr but will def try the others

  2. I just found instagram about a month ago (it reminds me of a picture version of facebook) good to know there are other sites out there. Ive been following your blog and it's pretty good. I've tagged you in my blog for others to see. come check it out!

    1. well thank you so much! for a while I was like "does anybody really read my blog anymore"?? lol & I will be checking your blog out hun =D

  3. great blog, I read a long time. invite me if you feel like you can follow my blog.