Things are looking better

Hey you guys, just a small update! Me and my honey are officially moving out again this upcoming weekend and I'm super excited. .I may have a car again and my honey could possibly be getting a new car!! I have a new job and things are going okay with that, there are some things that could be better but with everything that I've been through in the last month with jobs I'm not even going to bother with complaining. I'm also going to put some effort in to making a youtube channel again whenever we get settled in our new place..I have some thoughts on topics and other important things, and some advice to give. I'm not going to be just on beauty and hair shit. ..I  want to connect with people. Anywho, I hope all is well with everyone!  I hope to reconnect with you all as well!!!! Have a great week!


The way I live my life sucks

I hate to constantly be "not positive" but at first I wanted to say "my life sucks" but I'm not going to shit on ppl that have worse problems than myself. But I have realized it is how I'm living my life that is the problem.  Ugh. Blah. I would elaborate but I don't want to complain anymore..anyways.....


Okay so here's the scoop...

Sooo.. as I lay in my bed jobless and useless,  I shall proceed to give you guys the scoop or an update. Whatev.

Since the last time I've posted I've quit 2 jobs! I know, smart right? It's just that when I hate and I mean HATE a job the shit just takes a complete emotional toll on me! First, I was working Security...dude, like, fuck that job for real. I was working 12 hour shifts on me feet for 75% of the time...my skin started peeling on my toes. No ma'am not cute! And then I switched to a different position and it was just as bad...if you've ever been to Texas you know it's hot AF so working outside was a no-no.

The second job that I quit I actually liked but it was taking up my whole entire existence! And the company was full of shit...I hated the conditions I had to work under.I was working with special needs adults and was surprised at how much I enjoyed working with them!! But don't get me started on the company, or the pay or lack of pay shall I say, or the bedbugs, or my supervisor ignoring my calls and texts...I could go on!

Moving on...my stepmother passed away from lung cancer. I'm still having a hard time dealing with it. I loved her regardless of the countless times we didn't see eye to eye. It'll be 2 years in July.

My girlfriend's grandmother died of breast cancer..she was so nice to me man. I was living with my girlfriend and her grandmother in 2011-2012 because me and my stepmother kept bumping heads. I called her Ms. Velma..and after months of me being around she considered me to be a second grandaughter. My girlfriend is still taking it hard, it's been about 6 months. 

My Godmother passed in March, and I still catch myself wanting to pick up the phone and call her. No matter how many mistakes I made she was always my number one fan.

Whooo..shit, I'm all in my feelings now!
Moving on! My car got repossessed. .blahhh...
Me and my gf don't have our two dogs anymore, but we do have a puppy and he just made a year in February! 

Me and my girlfriend Enjoli, are better than ever! Three years strong! 
Let's see what else...nah, I'll leave it at that...this post was pretty blah but I figured I would do this to get back in the swing of things. Anyway, I think I'll post later....or maybe in a few minutes idk. Blah. I hope all is well everyone!