Can I vent real quick??

I should change the title to "Can I complain real quick?" lmfao.
but no, seriously.
My grandma gets on my nerves, like FOR REAL gets on my nerves...my sister,my mom & I try to avoid her at all costs. My mom will kill me about coming into her room & not closing the door behind me because she says Grandma sees it as "an invitation for conversation" 
But I feel that though! My grandma will talk you to death. 

about: -how she hates living in Texas 
my mom moved her here from South Carolina because her memory is bad
-how it's more homeless people on the streets here than anywhere else & how all of them are on crack..
I'm like stfu, you don't even know what you're talking about. That's not necessarily true.
-letting someone drive my car
Yeah, I know it's a risk but you're not my paying my car insurance dear Grandmother..
that's only the surface of why this lady grinds my gears but I'll save all the granny bitchin' for another post. 
I can't be myself & we all have to tip-toe around her but fuck that.
Idk if yall are thinking "omg come on, wheres the respect??" but fuck that as well. She came into my life last year...I'm 23 years old & how the fuck are you gonna drop out of the sky & expect me to respect you, I don't even know you! and I'm sure as hell not gonna be too keen on respecting someone I can't even be myself around. SO THERE!

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  1. OMG, lol.....I've learned that you just got to be patient with older people, because they all in some way are annoying.