Doin' it for me and the ladies...

Now I'm pretty sure a large amount of us have been in fucked up relationships...my situation is slightly different...only by a technicality &title. But for the most part it's pretty much the same as anyone/anything else....
We started off feelin' eachother a lil bit then things stretched and relaxed into a friendship. He still really liked me though, more like an infactuation type thing. And although I wasn't responding with the same type of vibe, he stuck around. I was a bitch to him at first, just trying to keep myself from swimming too deep.
We talked about everything..we talked everyday. We would argue and bounce right back into being cool again.......fast forward.
 Months later the feelings were back and suprisingly a little bit stronger than the first time.
Then, this stupid ass muthafcka pisses me off so bad to the point I told him not to call me ever again
and he's laughing and shit and I'm wondering what the fuck is so comical about that..
so I ended up not talking to him for a month and of course he was calling me the whole time
uhmm...booboo did you think I was playin?? you all on my voicemail begging me to talk to you..
ahaha. Now, that shit was comical.
Moving on... it was a couple of days before my birthday so I decided I was in a good mood so I answered his 1434 millionth call [I kid, I kid]  
basically, we became cool once again but this time around my feelings developed into love.
I sat on it though, tried to make sure it was real and not only infactuation...and when I was sure, I let him know.
Everything was supposedly mutual. Everything was good ya'll.
so fast forward...now, this is dude telling me he loves me and shit, talking about he thinks I'm gonna be the one to have his child in the future.
And of course my stupid ass is just loving the shit..soaking that shit up like a fat ass pancake.
But I'm respecting the fact that he's not ready to be in a relationship because he's not in a good place with himself...[financially & he's still thinking about how he's been hurt in the past, blahhblah] 
In my eyes, regardless if thats the truth or not, he wasn't getting no pussy from me
 so it's not like this nigga was the MVP of the year...no All star 2010 over here. No shit like that..
 He wasn't gaining shit from the excuses so I guess in a way, it made it okay for them to be just that...excuses.
Which further brings me to my breaking point with ol' dude.
long story short, I'm done...No, I don't want to be friends, I dont want shit from you.
Eat a dick and choke bitch.
You're trying to justify what you did wrong on the simple technicality that were not together??
With ALLLL the shit you've said to me. You love me right ? you wanna be with me right?
talking bout' you need love...no, you need help. no better yet, you need to get a damn clue.
How dare you be a product of a bad previous relationship and
 do me that way!!!  
Now ya'll have to understand that me and dude have been friends for a cool year..I thought we had that mutual respect between one another. And this wasn't just any kind ol' dude...I ain't gon front though...he was special to me..and I cherished our friendship and ability to always keep it 100 between one another. He's been there through tough times...even when I wasn't so nice to him.
So for that, he earned my respect.
 He said he respected me also..for all the reasons his bitch ass listed. blah blah blah.
Honestly, at this point..it's going to be difficult to let him go this way..but It has to be done.
So this is where my ladies come in.. [heyyyy ya'll!]  
first off, lemme say that
-never let anybody make you feel like you're tripping or over-reacting about a situation- you come to that conclusion on your own.
Everyone has different standards and opinions when it comes to things being right or wrong, if you're pissed the fuck off because the nigga spends more time with his babymama than you and then tells you "It's all for the love of the baby" don't let your dumbass homegirl tell you "Oooohh girl..you trippin'!"
If you're mad then dammnit be mad! It is still his [and yours also] obligation to make sure the other is happy.. I mean, you are the one that he is with. But if he wasn't able to split time up evenly he shouldn't have taken on the responsibility of having a girlfriend. DUH.
-Secondly, babygirl..if you want a relationship go find a muthafucka that will give you one!
easier said then done I know..but still!
so what I'm getting at is..i'm leaving him alone and letting go in the name of all the girls and women that keep going back to the bitch ass muthafucka that had sex with your bestfriend...or your sister.
I'm doing it for the girls who can't let go because they don't want to be lonely...and the girls that think that there is no one else for them out there.
I know it hurts..beleive me. But if it hurts now..most likely it always will...things do change and ppl do too
But how much are you willing to put up with before that happens?

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  1. Agreed, guys always taking us for granted. All his shit might sound nice but he might just be calling 'cause he needs someone, when his good he might just leave. Don't know the exact situation with you but that's what usually goes down!


    Love the "eat a dick and choke bitch" .lol.