5 Reasons why I don't and haven't had sex

Warning: If the slightest comment made in a homosexual/bisexual nature or tone offends you, I suggest that you do not read this post.

Annnywhoo...now that I've gotten that out of the way lets get a little more descriptive..these are the reasons why I don't and haven't had sex...with a man.

Now to clear up any question clouds..let me elaborate.
I am not a lesbian..and not that theres anything wrong with that, I have went through certain stages in my life where I didn't know exactly what I was or what I liked. 
And at this point, I am clear on that.
to further elaborate, I've only had sex with women. In where I am the dominator.
Sooo...I'm bisexual or what the fuck ever I want to be. In my opinion I [keyword: I
do not have to have sex with a man to be bisexual because I am attracted to men. I do not care to open this up for discussion because this post clearly isn't all about sexuality.
for the record..I have not been "busted open" by any woman either...I hardly let anyone touch me.
And I would have to say that this does take a toll on my dating/relationship life.
 Which leads me to what this post is all about..
1. I am afraid of being thrown away after sex..and this goes for both sexes. I've seen it happen.
ever since sex became a topic in my circle in the 9th grade, I became very aware of other peoples situations. So for a long time it has been my fear and i'm sad to say I've done it myself with women.
So now I'm scared to be thrown away after sex and scared of karma. lol
2. I really would love to wait until I am married...I know it may sound corny being that I'm 22 and all but the thought of emotional stability and commitment just warms my damn heart.
3. Sex for me could never be casual...this also goes for both sexes. Well anything that involves
me, myself and I
 laying down/standing up/bending over and getting penetrated can never be casual. Now, as far as women go, if im the dominating force then it's all good. She gets fucked- I don't get touched. We all win!
I will literally have a tank top and boxers on...or some basketball shorts...oh yeah and some socks.
But if she wants an even exchange i.e. "Well Jolie, you can do me if I can do you" I promise you it will not go down. If she wants to play that touch4touch shit, I will probably say fuck it all together.
4. People don't get tested as often as they should... Enough said. I'm not making this into a protest about HIV/AIDS, because there are clearly other things out there.
No judgement here people. I would just hate for my first time around to end up with me in a clinic, crying, and clutching a gonorrhea pamphlet...hmm..maybe a little later on in my sex life though [hahaaa. I kidddd]
Not to say that, that can't happen with having sex with females.
5. People talk too much...point blank period. You always know who's fucking who and who she/he fucked before that and how they were with whoever last night. I dont like that shit..I can't trust just anybody to keep things between them and myself....through the guy friends that I have I know what their hoes [ their words, not mine] vagina smells like/taste like/feels like. See what I mean?
 Anywayyyyy...I'm done for now, you guys have a great night! =] 


  1. & I love all of your 5 reasons. *claps.