Radio Killaaa

Geeeesh. Well ever since we've got our cable cut off I've been left with nothing but the stupid ass radio. Don't get me wrong, I've learned to appreciate my local radio station & it's radio personalities; with their witty way of playing the same song within a 6 minute time frame & the way they
manage to drive the whole city of Houston [& amp;it's surrounding parts] crazy. I mean damn! somebody please tell me when the hell are they going to stop playing Usher's "There goes my baby" or gotdamn "Bottoms Up" by Trey Songz?!?! I could go on. But better beleive they're on their way to completely killing another catchy song...Nicki Minaj "Right through me". Honestly, Between the radio station & my little sister, it's already dead for me. But I've recently seen the video and I must say it was...ehhh..ummm...is the word interesting? nah. thats not it. um...well it was aiiiight, put it like that. Now listen, I'm not a Nicki Hater, so don't fall the fuck out mmmk? I like Nicki at times...
 when shes not under a green/orange/blue wig, I can actually enjoy her. Shes very talented but just does too much for ME. Anywhooo...I still fuck with the song for the most part so heres the video!


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  1. That video actually wasn't bad, I suppose because she wasn't making those silly ass facial expressions. And the guy is fine.