Part 1. Love/Like/Lust sucks

Damn. I'ts bad enough that this weekend is coming to a close & every minute that passes is inching closer, closer & closer to Monday...another Monday filled with tests, exams, long ass classes and boring teachers. So yeah, my point is...I hate school. I fucking fucking hate it. On the bright side, this was a rather lovely Sunday, I must say! The weather was all nice and shit, cool & sunny at the same time. The weather has been pretty shitty here lately, so I took the time to appreciate the day & took some pics...

okay okay...enough tree-hugging for the day lets get back to the gut of the beast...I have a problem -The cause for my unusually calm demeanor & the reason for my random outbursts of bitterness starts here..........damnit! I've told myself I wasn't going to give him or this situation anymore attention than it deserves!...beleive me, im slapping myself right now for letting this bullshit live on. Ugh, I'll come to ya'll another time about it but until then, fuck it. Ima jus whip my hair back & forth. aHaha Ya'll think i'm playing ;-p    


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