Leila, My Leila...

Welp, I finallllllly got the puppy I've been wanting!
but It's hard raising a puppy without their mother, she had me so busy I could've sworn I bore her myself. Dammmn...-I busted a sweat jus thinking about it. I named her Leila...ummm...don't ask me why, to me it just fit. But anywhoooo...

                   2 weeks
                  some time after that...

                            and NOW!

OMG...she's bad as hell! Now, I don't know anything about training dogs but I do know I've had the hardest time trying! Geeesh. 


  1. I took my dog to training at petsmart, it was $100 for about 8 weeks. Its worth it! But my pup is still bad!!

  2. $100?! Omg, i'm glad you told me that, shoooooooot-I will be heading to petsmart TOOODAYY. I mean damn, she bites on everything..shoes, pillows, the cat, and ME!