Day 01. Ayyye! 30 day blogging challenge-lehhhgo!

okay well..I'm new to this blogging ishhh so I thought I'd take part in a 30 day blogging challenge! So here goes...
A recent picture of you and 15 interesting facts about yourself.

1. People usually think I'm a tall person but i'm only 5 feet
2. I really wanna gain weight! No, I'm not really skinny..I weigh about 126 lbs. & no matter how many supersized big macs & fries [mmmfries] I eat, I cannot gain weight!
3. I'm told I talk COUNTRY & proper
4. I was always in trouble in middle/high/school...dentention, in school suspension, out of school suspension - you name it.
5. I have 4 tattoos & I plan to start getting [sleeved] up in a couple of months
6. I'm ALREADY running out of things to say lmao
7. I 've never gotten into a physical fight..well.. with people I don't know, I mean lol
8. I think my mom's side of the family sucks..oh yeah and my dad's side too..fuck them.
9. I play the guitar...a little bit :P
10. My name is not pronounced JO-LEEEE
11. I want to name my future son Isaiah
12. I used to have braces
13. On one drunken night, keyword being: [drunk]  I ran through a parking lot with only a bra & panties ahaa..damn..now that I think about it..wtf?
14. I write poetry
15. I'm a ride or die friend..better  believe, I've played a part in a  few schemes in my day..I'm laughing about that shit now but hey, if you're mad that your boyfriend cheated on you, hit me up! lmao jkjk



  1. Your signature is cute and your blog looks really good!! 5 feet and 126 pounds is good, you do NOT need to gain weight!!!! girl im 4'11 and im actuallt trying to loose weight :-/

  2. Thank youuu! I appreciate that, it took me a lonnnng time to get this blog up. Geeesh, I damn near fell out when I seen that I had a couple of followers lmao. But you're trying to lose weight?? Shiiid, give it to me! =]