You know you're from texas when...

Good day people!! thank ya lawwwd that this was my last day of classes for the week! Shiiiit, I'm ready to get my weekend started!
But anyway, I ran across a few different versions of " You know you're from Texas when...." and I thought this version was the most relatable.

1.When you begin and end conversations with "ALREADY
2. When you hear "SYRUP", you automatically think drank; not the condiment 
3. You call people "KINFOLK" even though they're not related to you
4.You can finish the lines:
"What's the_____deal/ Man hold____/Got too much___in my___ "
or "WHO?? Mike  _____ "
4. You eat McDonalds 7 days a week 
5. 102 degrees is normal
6. You refer to your mother as your "T.Jones" or your "T-Lady" 
7.You know the meaning of:
-Poppin trunk
 8. Dominoes is just as much apart of the family reunion as the family 
9.You have never said "you all" in your life 
10. You have a porch, not a stoop 
11. You say "that's whats up" or "that's what it is"
12. You love Cadillacs and Caprises
13. You miss the REAL Fuck Actions 
14. You know what it means to "roll a big body"
15. You know what I mean when I say " That party last night was LIVE"
16. You know what S.U.C stands for and who it consists of
17. You cried when Pimp C died or ever claimed he was your daddy
18. If you ever freestyled and started it off with the line "Man, I'm comin down...."

Whoever is shaking their head while reading this
 knows most of this is true haha.

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