It's a new fucking year!!! & let me start by saying I feel very blessed to see it!
My blog has a new look & new name so you know I'm hyped.
I know I've been gone for a minute but I'm back for good! So let me hit ya'll with an update real quick before I jump back in (:

                                 1. Thanks to my little sister I had the chance to adopt a dog from the SPCA. We named him Cash :)
     He's so funny I love him!
 2. My honey got me gifts for Christmas! & nobody EVER gets me anything =D
            I didn't think I was gonna get it because this perfume is so expensive & I'm a cheap-ass but it smells so good!

I've been eyeing these cheetah print vans for months & now I finally have them!

  my camera phone quality sucks because this necklace is actually more beautiful in person!

3. I'm back to having no friends & trying to make new ones.

4. I got a new job! 

5. In the time that I haven't been blogging, me & my Stepmom were bumping heads really bad at one point but now were better & I'm sooo happy about that.

6. The best for last...My love life is better than ever. FINALLY.


  1. congratulation on the cute little doggie. & I love your Vans :) that's a beautiful necklace as well.