Bad Girls Club Season 8 x First Impressions

This season was shot in Las Vegas & this is what I thought of the girls.

Amy: When they named her "The hot mess" they weren't lying. So far she's been the main source of the drama. She gets drunk & acts crazy, she acts crazy when she isn't drunk but I can't lie Amy is funny as hell to me.
Demitra: Ughhhh....she gets on my nerves for some reason I don't know why, but when Amy "sucker-pushed" her ass to the floor and when Amy hit her in the face and her eyebrow swole up it was comical!!! like, come on guys..this girl had a hot pocket on her face lmfao.
Gia: I like how she was holding her own, big things do come in small packages..so yeah, I like her. 
Erica: So far she kind of reminds me of myself, and I fuck with that.
Gabi: uhhhhhhh....
Dani: umm......
Jenna: Blah.

So yea.

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  1. i can't say whether i like the girls or not yet. but i not to much in liking amy simply because she do stuff and don't remember, she a little crazy.