What do YOU do when you're near a Chemical Processing Relapse?

Hold up! I forgot to update you guys on the progression of my natural hair!
I have yet to attempt the BIG CHOP so I guess we can say that I'm still transitioning.
With all that being said I have been relaxer-free for......
A year & 6 months! 
I don't know what my hair type is but my hair is made up of very small coils. Idk know how I feel about it just yet but my hair has grown a lot without all of the chemical processing! I'm slightly tempted to relax it i'm not even gonna lie...So what do you natural gals do when you think of going back to the
creamy crack! HELLLLP!


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  1. Hey Jolie,

    I know it's hard but you just have to do what works bet for you. I just switched back from natural to permed(aka the creamy crack). I just didn't have the time any more to wrangle with my hair.

    Cool blog!

    -Nicole Alicia