Damn is anybody blogging still?

Wow it has really been a minute..since 2010 blogger has been a way to express myself and the things that I was going through. I am way more mature but still the same crazy girl I was when I first started this. I really wish to connect with my old blog friends...I've been trying to log in to my account for the last few months but all this new shit with Google had my accounts tied up. Anyway I'm back! But if any of you guys are still out there blogging or reading, please let me know! ✌✌


  1. i was literally just on your blog hoping to check up on you! lol. hope all is well :)


  2. Well hello there!!👋👋 it's been a minute! I tried to go to your blog but I think i clicked a link to your old url, I'm not sure. But I hope all I well with you too!! 😄