damn, just let me be me!

fuckkk...why do people have to be so annoying?
if I have certain qualities about myself or if I do things you don't like,  I can understand you expressing how you feel about it BUT don't try to change me.
For one...I know I get mad really quick and I know it makes people want to push my buttons even more but it's not up to you to put me through the most maddening challenges and maddening circumstances in order for me to learn to control my temper. But when I tell you to stop and try to make you understand that the shit really gets to me, you keep doing it. No respect. But the part that kills me is what you say in response..."you shouldn't let people have that much control over your emotions, thats going to be your downfall."
wtf?? You said that shit like you were ultimately doing me a favor.. and thats going to be my downfall???
my dude...get the fuck offame and worry about you. You self righteous muthafcka..damn..let me be me...
anywhoooo got the weave backkkk!


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