urumm..did u just call me a trick?

now..if you called me a bitch, I would understand...but a trick?
if you really think about it...what exactly is it?

shiiid...I just wanna know who this trick is! lmao



  1. First of all....O.M.Gosh. I love your hair!!!!

    Now back to the topic at hand. Honestly, whenever I think of a "trick," I think of a guy. You know, the whole "it ain't tricking if you got it" thing? Yeah. So anyone who calls a woman a trick gets a >_>

  2. 1. im hating on ur hair tuh! lol

    2. good question.. ima do my research and get back to u lol

  3. Your hair is so sick. love it.

    I mean long ago a trick was a man who paid for sex...so a hoe. or the hoe the trick is paying. both are tricks.

  4. thank yall!! but hmmmmm...this isn't a word thats used a lot so the shit caught me off guard! at first I was thinking "trick" in terms of "it aint trickin if you got it" but it couldn't be how his ass meant it...and then....I'm thinking a trick is a hoe..but I'm looking around like shit, who?? me?? cant be. so attention everybody! be on the look out for the missing trick! lol