No calls after 12

Is there some kind of gene in guys to where they dont understand this logic...wellllllll my logic. Lol
let me explain..
 -Now if you wake up at 8-9 am and you may or may not goto work
-But if you did, you get off at 7pm.....stay with me guys.
 -But you don't call me until 1 or 2 am..

Uhh..what the fuck were you doing this whole damn time?? Holdin your dick and playing with your pubs??
But I hear the same excuse "ahh baby, I was at the gym" but umm..sir..I used to work out at that gym and it closes at 10pm. Soooooo......... O__o
my line of thinking is.. You're calling me at 1 or 2 am so I must be your last damn priority, plussssss those are booty call hours. I could understand this if:

a. I wasn't your girlfriend or
 b. If u weren't wanting/trying to be with me.
and of course, there are certain circumstances in which this would be completely acceptable i.e.

1. You were asleep...and not on damn twitter.
2. You went out to the club or participated in some other shit that doesn't shut down until 2am.
3. urummm..haven't thought of this one yet..

 I'm not sayin you gotta jump when I say jump. But damnit! no calls after muthafckin 12!
 Yeah boy, I see you callin me at 1:37 in the morning. ignore.