1. It's my sister's 15th birthday today!!
2. That nasty ass merlot has given me a nasty ass headache ugh!
[man fuck all that winery shit, gimme some vodka...straight.]
3. This is how i've been wearing my hair lately...

and it seems like everybody I come in contact with thinks i'm like 12 or some shit...damn, do I really look that young??



  1. true story no lie before i read the post i looked at the pic and thought it was maybe a pic of ur little sister.... come to find out its u.. teheheheh! cute none the less!

    happybday to her

    wine is the best... love a sweet red or sweet white! easier to drink than most liquor... unless its my lover Patron which i jus toss back

    o wow... i wrote alot. anywhos LOL

  2. Happy birthday to your sister =]

    && omg, your hair is so adorableee.

    && lol, you do look young, but that's a good thing. i usually look like the little sister when with my younger sister, too. but we'll look good when we're old! lol

  3. @sassy thank you girrrl =] I damn near fell the fck out when u said u thought i was my lil sis! ahaa. patron 2010 babbbayy! & yess its that serious. lmao

    @jasmine thank you too girl!!! I thought I looked weird..some guy was starin the fck outa me yesterday & im like wtf do i look like an alien to you??? shhittt.

  4. lmaoooooo!!! he probably wanted to speak but didnt wanna come off as a creep lol

  5. look at you! rhyming and shit...ahaaaa