Hey hey hey! It's poetry Friday!

The Black Jewel
So what you're saying is

that the only power I possess is the power of sex?

Ha. I laugh in the face of ignorance

My mind will turn you on and my charm will warm your insides

You're in a trance now, but my smile will hypnotize

I am the Black Jewel with legs to kill and you can't resist

You're in love now and you lust for my kiss

So I lure you to my lair, My wonderful web

Baby you think you've got me where you want me

And you know just what to say

And with all the things you've said

who knows how many jewels have been in your bed

But before you can say another word

I've sunk my teeth in and you're already dead

Because this jewel is a widow with not only two, but eight legs.


Copyright © 2010



  1. "Ha. I laugh in the face of ignorance"
    Love that line in your poem. Me too.

  2. Outstanding.I love how you described yourself as black jewel being deadly,and not like the rest of the females who endulge in his ignorance. that's just my interpretation of it. but brillant!

  3. omg! thanks so much for reading =]