hmmm...going natural?

"What? you're going natural? Man, thats some beautiful shit."


First of all..just let me say I am one to be completely honest with myself.
I am one of these ppl that "all of a sudden" wants to go natural. 
With that being said, I do have my reasons.
Shit i'm tired of buying weave and the prices ain't doing nothing but going up!
Don't get me wrong I love my weave but dammit I'm tired of buying it!
secondly...I'm tired of looking like every other bitch out here in Houston...
I want to be free from the shit I feel like I have to do to my hair..[weaves,perms, all of the above]
I've been contemplating this for a minute though..when I decided to take a break from the perms and just rocked sew-ins for a couple of months[6 months to be exact], I was shocked to see how much my hair grew without any chemical processing.
 BUT  it hadn't crossed my mind to "go natural" at that point so......
I got a perm. 
 & I ain't even gon' lie though, I like perms. 
But wait! don't eat me alive just yet!
 I've been wearing weaves for about 7 years so I never knew how to manage or style my natural hair or even the hair that has been processed! people in my family have always made it seem like perming my hair was the right thing to do...and I was completely in the dark about the process of going
natural up until this year!
But it's been about 7 months since that last one and of course I have my weave in...well until I decide what I'm going to do..I'm excited and nervous all at once!



  1. i feel u... but i dont have the balls to do it yet... #addictedtothecreamycrack

    <3 noirfille.blogspot.com

  2. good for you! it's all what makes you feel comfortable.

  3. i've been natural for a year . Go for it . Great experience , might as well say u are natural , u have what it take w/ the protective styles & shit . I cut all my hair off bfore the 5 month of transitioning & i've been natural since . 1 year & 5 months , my hair is at my shoulders abt the same length it wus for half of my life .

  4. Just because you are natural that doesn't mean that you cant rock weaves! I personally dont but it is an easy go to style. and if you are natural you can wear either wear your hair straight or in its natural state. you can't really do that with a relaxer. natural hair is the ish girl, go ahead and do it!!

  5. I'm on the same page as you. I've always rushed to the braids when I was frustrated with my hair and when I wasn't in those, I was in a weave or cut super short (my preference). But lately I've really thought about making the cross over since I've been w/o a perm for the last 6-7 months. I'll see. That picture of Solange is really pretty and when I saw it, I was thinking that I could rock that...maybe :-)